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Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery

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Peter Mooney the Senior partner of county co-authored the book (Enforcement and Debt Recovery) a guide to The Tribunals, Court Enforcement Act 2007, The second publication due to be released by the Law Society in June 2014 will include the regulations. Should you be interested in the second publication, please use our contact page to register your interest.

Insolvent Tenant Guidance Chart

The Tenant


Sub tenants

Enforcement by Taking Control of Goods

Warning Notice

Warrant of control

Controlled Goods Agreement

Securing Goods on the Premises

Remove Goods and Secure Elsewhere

Valuation of Goods

Sale of Goods


Instruct Us ...

CRAR Warrant

Landlords have the right to recover rent as soon as it is overdue through CRAR
CRAR Warrant

Forfeiture of lease

Forfeiture is a means of terminating a lease due to a breach in the lease terms by the tenant.
Commercial Forfeiture / Repossession


The right to remove and evict unwanted persons or squatters from commercial premises.

High Court Enforcement

Transfer and Enforcement of Writs.

High Court Enforcement

Process Serving

Process serving, investigation, tracing and asset location.

Process Serving

Travellers The right to remove travellers and unwanted persons from private open land. High Court Possession
High Court Enforcement Possession

Ancillary debt Service charges, insurance and associated costs. Ancillary Debt
High Court Enforcement Possession

Tracing Trace enquiries for business and people, including addresses and assets. Trace Investigations
Trace Investigations


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